Hotel Garnì Margherita


Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

We’re Daniela and Carmen, along with our sister Silvana, born and raised at Hotel Margherita by our legendary parents Louis and Jacqueline.

It’s 50 years now, that the walls of our house collect stories, smiles, faces, moments of joy, happiness and carefreeness.

Our parents, Louis and Jacqueline were able to create a strong spirit of hospitality and genuine taste of togetherness of other times, along with going on walks and singing in company.

Hotel Margherita’s history, however, began even earlier, back in 1962 when our grandfather Gustavo, already owner of another structure in Bellamonte, descendant of the owners of Cavelonte Terme (now abandoned for decades) began the construction of the structure.

In 1968 the first season of the hotel was inaugurated, which was the most modern of the time in the Bellamonte area and where our father Luigi, with his new family, began the management.

In 1985, major restoration was done, expanding the restaurant and adding new guestrooms.

In the last three years, important family events led to the interruption of the activity; Daniel and Carmen are now ready, after renovating the rooms and making improvements, to restore life and management, as before, at the Hotel Margherita.

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